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Indra Silar 
Spiritual Guide
Metaphysical Healing

Transformation Energy Healer & Teacher
Master ThetaHealing® Instructor 
Miracle Mind & Heart Mentor 

I am committed to be an unstoppable force of love and good.

All of my services are a commitment to inspire and uplift you.

So you can lift up others and we ALL can make a DIFFERENCE in this world.

Devine Power        

      Miracle Shifts are needed when:

  • the next level in life seems unreachable. 

      What is going on?

  • It’s because a shift is needed.

  • this could be in your mindset & your energy,

  • in the practical action steps that you’re taking 

  • I focus on the shift needed in your Mindset & Energy body.

  • It is the base of all sustainable success. In all areas Life. 

This are the Mind Miracles® pillars of Light Leadership.

Your roadmap to your inner Devine Power.


  • you are connected to your purpose in life.

  • you are at peace with yourself

  • you have clear and healthy boundaries.

  • your self worth is created within yourself, which means you are not depended on others to feel worthy. 

  • You know your values and you align your actions with your values.

  • You have a healthy self esteem 

  • You have emotional resilience, which allows you to stay lovingly connected to yourself, even if you make mistakes or experience failure. This I call real strength and power.

  • You listen to your feelings as information, without letting them control your every move.

  • You have developed emotional intelligence and live from aspect of complete self belief and trust.

  • You take appropriate actions in your life, that are in alignment with your heart and soul. 


Become free of your Past.

Free of all that confusion of your mind, heart & Soul.

Reconnect to your Body and embody your Light with confidence and grace.

Fierce, unapologetic and with true kindness.

This is the most compassionate choice, you can make for yourself and the people around you.

Live without all the inner struggles 

of confusion, disappointment, the battles & ultimately frustration

In Mind Miracles I have created pillars of Light Leadership.

It summarizes below what it means to live from truly authentic place

 following your own path and guidance.



A uncompromised life

guided by truth and compassion.

A path that I am committed to walk every day. Because I truly believe I deserve it. 

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