Mind Miracles


The Energy behind everything


with ancient spiritual energy tools

I work with light energy.

To create awareness, choice, change  

Luminous Body | Mind | Heart | Soul

Energy follows intent, so welcome yourself to ...

  • Think using the Mind with clarity

  • Do embodying the Body into balance

  • Be allowing the Soul to shine

  • Make aligned choices to welcome your power back. 

  • Have you read an endless amount of self-help books, followed by even more trainings and yet you can't get into the flow of inner well-being ?

  • Theoretically, you know all the ins and outs. And yet you can't shift that barrier between you and those invisible limitations.

  • Do you feel that you can't really live from your true power, as if something seems to be holding you back?

  • Do you feel that the true desire of yours, to make an impact on the world, gets flooded by unclarity and a lack of inner peace?

  • Are you that capable, solution oriented woman, that inspires everyone around you, people look up to, and yet you can’t shake off that deep feeling of loneliness ?

  • Did you already invest lots of energy, money and time trying to grow as a person and deal with the hidden inner chaos of your inner life, but still feel stuck?

  • Everything in your life is, as it "should" be, but you are just not feeling happy?

  • You have worked hard to achieve your goals, yet you can't be really proud of yourself and keep searching for more?

  • Is your body starting to show symptoms, that you can't deceive, making you feel very uncomfortable and scared? Are you on the way to develop chronical illness?


Does your heart keep longing for something, but you simply can’t figure out what it is?



Dear beloved & beautiful woman, 

I so understand your struggles and the inner "messiness", that we sometimes carry around with us for a lifetime. My heart feels for you.

I work with ambitious, beautiful women like you, who are amazing manifestors, exceptionally capable and talented.

Women that have learned the trade of hard work, driven by accomplishments in life, the "go getters" and the "I can do it all" types.

I work with beautiful Women, that have lost themselves over time in choices and actions. Women who are not completely aligned with who they truly are, and with what their heart most desires.

Woman that have lost themselves in the care of others.

Woman that long for deep fulfilment of their hearts, by deepening their spiritual connection into wholeness and trust. Woman who truly want to awaken into their abilities to live the life they want to live, without becoming appologetic. Wise woman, capable woman, beautiful woman with a deep sense of empathy. 

 I support women, who have a deep desire to live a sustainable, passionate and healthy life in connection with themselves.

I work with women, who are truly ready to break through those barriers.


I guide and support you to transform the root of your limitations. We will go to the source of your energy blockages, which are keeping you from living a fulfilled and aligned soulful life, nurtured by the power of your heart. Often those limitations hide in unresolved and undetected trauma, buried in the subconscious of your mind and body. Directing your habits, beliefs and emotions and potentially leading to feeling incomplete, unfulfilled and out of balance.


I simply love to create the transformative alchemy of healing for Heart centered women who are passionate and have a deep desire to make an impact on this world with their unique abilities and creations.

Would you like to know, how to end all of your struggling?



By Addressing the Energy behind it all, you can change faster and most important 

...get to the root of the problem


  • learning ancient spiritual tools to heal your issues and bring completion to those endless loops. 

  • You let go of being stuck and looping around in your mind and body in old stories, old emotions and conditioning.

  • you become spiritual and energetically immune to disempowerment of any form


What can be the result of aligning your energy on all levels?


When living from a truly authentic place, you are aware of what you desire in life, you are at peace with yourself in all aspects and have clear and healthy boundaries.


You know your values and you align your actions with your values. 

You have a vision and the resilience to follow your vision, throughout all of life's experiences. 

You listen to your feelings as information without letting them control your every move.


You take appropriate actions in your life, that are in alignment with your heart and soul. 


Healing the energy behind it all creates clarity, strength, resilience and passion. It creates flow and lightness and the power to deal with your life from an empowered energy and state of being.

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