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&  Divine Power 

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Indra Silar 
Teacher & Healer
Intuitive Energy specialist

Master Theta Healing®
Medical Intuitive™

with 25 years of experience in self development & 12 years of successful Family care & entrepeurship

As a healer I am a catalyst for profound change and empowerment.


Healing is embodied acceptance of the full spectrum of human life experience.

Healing means embracing oneself and life experience.

Healing means to reclaim inner wholeness of your Spirit,  Mind & Body. 

Healing is your choice to create change.

Healing is the way forward into higher consciousness. 

Healing is the birthplace of your beautiful Authenticity. 

Healing means coming home to yourself.

Healing means knowing yourself again.

Healing means the expectance of yourself as you are NOW.


The fine line between a mental health problem & a spiritual problem in your life can be often confused. Mental health and spiritual health cannot be separated from your Body's health. Lifestyle choices and overall health history and behavior determine your health in every area of your life. 

Let me focus for a moment on 2 aspects of health.

Spiritual & Mental health. 

Spiritual health differs from Mental health. 

Spiritual health refers to health of the soul or spirit. 

Mental health refers to health of the mind and psyche.

Yet they can effect each other. 


A spiritual crisis & mental health problems in life can often look the same.

Spiritual health includes a purposeful life, transcendence and actualization of different dimensions and capacities of human beings. Spiritual health creates a balance between physical, psychological and social aspects of human life


Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. 


Spiritual health encourages people to have better relationships with themselves, others, and the unknown. Spirituality can help you deal with stress by giving you a sense of peace, purpose, and forgiveness. It often becomes more important in times of emotional stress or illness.

My business is called MIND MIRACLES fo a very good reason.

The words reflect my intentions I hold as a teacher, healer and businesswoman. 

refer to Spiritual health as "Miracles" to support your Mind. its working and your authenticity as a human being. When your mind works well.  All works well. 

I have been able to see, feel, sense energy since I was born. So naturally I use my abilities to master mind, body and honor the Soul. The relationship between mental , physical & spiritual health has always been my fascination and joy to work with.  


My own life journey has prepared me to master lessons that come along with it.

And here I am having my Light meets Your Light.

When Spirit effects the mind 7 Body positively, it can create Mind Miracles, 

which can result into a higher self esteem, increase self worth, a stronger sense of self.Better focus. More joy.

Physical, emotional and spiritual boundaries can become clear when the mind and spirit is balanced.

The potential to act on your boundaries& embodied healthy behavior to sustain healthy boundaries can be life saving. 

Without healthy boundaries life can fall apart.

Out it simple:

No boundaries, no stability for your mental, physical & spiritual health.

Health requires clarity and choice.

You can achieve Health in any way you choose too. Whether through spiritual connection or physical lifestyle choices. Whatever path or walk of life you choose.

If you believe in it and it feels right, it is your path to learn and create your life from. I have come to understand that there is only 2 things certain about each life.

We all know we are gonna die a physical death and that suffering will occur at one point. 

Your choices matter what and how to respond to suffering. How to become a catalyst of transformation of suffering. How to experience the full spectrum of human life fully embodied connected to your joy.

Spiritual health can support and sustain:

  1. a healthy functioning Mind,

  2. keep you grounded in your body

  3. be more resilient in the demands  life changes & challenges

  4. be more confident in your ability to learn and adapt the demands in human life

  5. have clarity about your path in your life.

  6. let go of distractions 

  7. Stay focused in your mind 

  8. Stay focused in your energy

  9. have energy,  a natural vitality and joy

  10. have more compassion with yourself & others

  11. step into your own authority

  12. take leadership in your life

  13. have more fun and a sense of humor

Metaphysical views to channel spiritual wisdom, health & divine Soul Light energy into the creation of  your live. Ultimately to live your own life path create:

  • Physical Health

  • Mental health

  • Emotional Health

  • Spiritual health

  • Financial health


In Mind Miracles I focus with my clients on 

Healing through your own divine connection for reconnection

with your authentic self.  

That is the core of my work. Coming home to yourself. To invoke your power as a sovereign being into your physical reality. By reclaiming your authentic self.

So Mind Miracles  can become embodied into Life.

This are the Mind Miracles® pillars of Light Leadership. 

Energy, Values, Spiritual principles & action.

My roadmap to  Divine Power, embodied into human life with grace.

  • you are connected to your purpose in life.

  • you are at peace with yourself

  • you have clear and healthy boundaries.

  • your self worth is created within yourself, which means you are not depended on others to feel worthy. 

  • You know your values and you align your actions with your values.

  • You have a healthy self esteem 

  • You have emotional resilience, which allows you to stay lovingly connected to yourself, even if you make mistakes or experience failure. This I call real strength and power.

  • You listen to your feelings as information, without letting them control your every move.

  • You have developed emotional intelligence and live from aspect of complete self belief and trust.

  • You take appropriate actions in your life, that are in alignment with your heart and soul.

  • you keep growing & learning. 

  • You keep loving  



The work I facilitate goes hand in hand with an empowered mindset, that will support your behavior and choices in life. Heart, Body & Mind fuelled by an unbreakbale Spirit. I advise also whether a person would benefit more from support addressing their mental health in addition with other professional therapist specialised in that field. 

From a spiritual perspective ......

My wish for you is, that you can move forward in your life with great success, being YOU.

That you are able to leave a legacy of love, compassion & forgiveness for the next generations to come.


Let love be their guide, instead of our trauma. 


I wish for the world to be blessed by your bravery, so the next generations to come have an easier path in life, then you had.



Your willingness to do the inner work and take responsibility for yourself, is the work of a Super Hero. Yes you heard me. You are a Super Human/Hero, if you are willing to heal. 

Your choices and actions, if created in awareness and consciousness, are the most empowering gift to yourself and the world.

Your choice to move through your pain and heal what is limiting & tormenting you, is the most courageous choice, you will ever make.

I deeply honor you.  

You deserve Freedom of Choice.

The Choice to Love.

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