For more than a decade i have devoted my worklife to support hundreds of woman & FAMILIY'S in mainstream healthcare.  

I had my own Company  for most of that time in Maternity nursing and worked in and outside the Netherlands.

As a Life Long Intuitive energy reader and healer, who always could see, feel, sense, beyond the physical senses, i devoted my life to be of service. The non-physical ( spiritual ) world has always been part of my awareness.

My focus in life is to master those skills and harness them for my life and to be of service to others. Raising awareness of the power that each single person possess inside of them. I simply assist you stepping into your full potential. Reclaiming what is already yours. 95% of my service is based on my own Energy Intuition, guided by Source Energy. 

I trained and studied in Maternity Nursing, was a Student of the Kabbalah, am still a student of The Course of Miracles,

studied Fine Arts, Contemporary Music in Amsterdam. 

I am a Master Energy Healer, advanced Theta Healing® practitioner & use AccessConsciousness®/Bars as well in my repertoire.

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Personal Development has been my journey of interest over the past 25 years. As my life was at outmost challenging, I needed to learn to overcome my challenges. 

My journey took me across countries, continents, lifestyles, learnings, studies, professions and most of all life experiences of a huge variety. 

It taught me that to all challenges, there are always solutions. Midst you are willing to embrace change and grow. 

Most people have no awareness, that all experiences have the potential

to teach them something about themselves.

Every life experience can be learned from. If no learning and development occurs, you can often see people struggling with the same topic all over again and again, until they surrender to a deeper truth. 


But when you feel in pain, that is often a hard perspective to digest.

What could you possible be learning from loosing love, money, family, becoming sick etc?

I understand that. Been there myself. But as long as we simply miss our learning, most of us, repeat an endless loop of the same experiences. Complaining about it and becoming Victim's of our own thoughts about it. 

Working in western family care, has confronted me, but also educated me about how much our attitude, habits, and conditions of our mind and heart are at the core of our human experiences.  

The way we grow up, the way we attach to our family. The way we are developing our personality. It all is one replay after another, unless we become conscious and feel the urgent need to change limitations in our life.


Any limitting pattern can be mirrored in all area of someones life.

Health, Finances, Career, Relationships.

Anywhere were life does not seem to work quiet right, there are patterns yet to be revealed and healed.


Otherwise it would work. It's that simple. If your management of your mind, emotions, body is not in balance. It will create disturbances in your life.   


Healing can actually be  very simple. But our rational minds thinks, that it has be be difficult and complex. In my experience It really isn't.


The difficult aspect of it, could  be that you need to open up and trust the journey.

Your intuition and mindset  need to align.

Being patient with yourself and others in the process. And meeting yourself with kindness, while being persistent in your development. 

Basically to do what needs to be done, in order to overcome, grow, heal with compassion and love.

Connecting to your inner self and knowing yourself deeply, is of the essence for real transformation and Miracle shifts.

Know your triggers. Know your emotions. Know the causes. Feel them. Understand them. Learn form them. Complete and heal them.

Mature emotionally, mentally and spiritually by growing through this process.

And if that sounds don't have to do it alone.

Ask for help. Get a therapist. A coach. Ask a friend. Get support. We all need support. Everyone of us.  

You be surprised how much support is out there if you open up to it.

​​I worked with people from all walks of life.

Diverse nationalities, educational backgrounds and views of Life. 

The woman & Family's i met during my care work,were, my greatest teachers. 

​It has been a rich and intense period of my life.

Which is why i choose very consciously to end that career and shift my focus on my greatest passion and love.

Deep Energy Transformation & Miracle Mindset Sifts.

The deepest form of change their is, in my opinion.

Now working in the most fantastic job i could ever think of doing. 

     Birthing Leaders into the world

With Love & Gratitude


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