​​For more than a decade I have devoted my work life to support hundreds of women & families in mainstream healthcare.  

I ran my own company in maternity nursing and worked in and outside of the Netherlands. 

I trained and studied in Maternity Nursing, was a student of the Kabbalah, a student of The Course of Miracles, studied Fine Arts, Contemporary Music, Philosophy and Journalism.

I am a Master Energy Healer, guided by Source Energy, which I call Light. God. The Field. The Divine. Love. Nature. The Universe. Mother Earth.

Please use the definition you are comfortable with. 

My greatest passion is to bring people into alignment with Higher Consciousness so that they can make a greater impact on their life and our planet. 


I guide you to master your heart, mind, and body, so you awaken into the magnificence that you truly are. Living the life you desire.


Personal Development has been my path in life for over 25 years. 


Where was I more than 25 years ago?

In the deepest struggle, fighting for my life, purely surviving.


I had 0% self-esteem, no sense of self-worth, I felt like a failure in life. I felt lost, depressed, lonely and terrified of life. On the outside I was intelligent, ambitious and talented, I was a very kind and friendly woman, but always at the expense of myself. 


Inside of me it felt completely dark. Through my chaotic upbringing, and pure craziness that I was exposed to, I had not learned any valid skills to navigate healthily through life. I had no mental or emotional stability and strength to overcome the challenges of life, and I continued to create struggle after struggle. 


I was pretending to function normal, while nothing felt normal. I wanted so much just to fit in and belong. At all costs. And it meant I had to betray myself every single day. I felt tired and exhausted, and was stuck in anger and resentment, while still sacrificing myself for others. 

There was a key moment in my life, which was followed by many more. 


My desire was born to break free from struggle and pain.

I made a choice. "Either you become insane or you will become sane. Which one will it be?"

I went on my knees and prayed. I said, "I will do anything to get better. Anything. I am willing, but I don't know how. Help me please."

To overcome those challenges I needed a higher power, something bigger than myself, to awaken me to my Truth. Up until then, I had tried everything possible. There was some improvement, but nothing life changing. 

I wanted a complete life transformation. 

I wanted a rebirth into my heart 

I wanted to become a miracle. 

I wanted to become love.


With those prayers, I made choices, that I stand by until today.


I dedicate my life to live an empowered and sane life. 

I have chosen bold heartedly to uplift and inspire others to do the same. 

I started to practice and master everything I could learn through the power of Wisdom. I use spiritual tools such as meditation, energy healing, modern day psychology, and ancient body healing energy systems as well as emotional transformation work. 

I have one goal. To experience life through more compassion, more joy and more love.

I know out of my life experience that you can overcome everything. Midst you are willing to take radical responsibility for your life.


My life experience exposed me to a huge variety of identities, lifestyles, cultures, professions and knowledge, which shaped me into the full body intuitive energy healer that I am today. 


Everyday I witness what the power of love and compassion can transform in a person. What seemed impossible before, creates changes beyond anyone's wildest imagination. 

A miracle is created.