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I'm Indra Silar

Founder of Mind Miracles

Medical intuitive TM

Master Thetahealing teacher

Energy Healer

Medium, Channel

Embodiment Coach

Family care postpartum ​

Indra Silar works as a Master Energy healer, Spiritual teacher and Entrepreneur.

With 25 years experience in self development and healing, she has developed a deep understanding of the human consciousness, incorporating her vast knowledge of psychology, physical health and spiritual principles.  
Indra's biggest delight is to lovingly guide you back to your true self and empower you to live from your greatest soul's power. 

She has been working and teaching internationally as healer and Teacher.

Prior to 12 years as a successful Entrepreneur in Family & Postpartum international care included, Indra has a profound and deep understanding  of human behavior family related trauma. 

More important she knows how to hold the space for the healing, that wants to occur while feeling your deepest and darkest pain.  

"If you want to heal Society, you need to start with family life first, which includes you. "
You are at the beginning of all change. Always . 

She had to overcome herself extreme childhood neglect and ritualistic abuse.
Indra struggled with chronic health issues for most of her life.
Emotional eating, gut inflammation, anxiety, depression, insomnia.

loosing her mother at a very young age and almost all her family with it.
Foster care life, Orphanages, Poverty, heartbreaking loneliness to name few obstacles. 

Indra wanted to find solutions to her problems and started learning,  asking questions & healing.
She was always 
committed to growth and wanted Truth more than anything.

Her Spirit never got broken.
Despite of hardship and many challenges.  
She deeply loves.

" Standing on the shoulder of a Giants"  is her motto to growth. Look for those who have done the impossible. And start moving towards your own greatness, no matter what.

Experiencing life deeper and deeper.
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