With 25 years in self development and Energy Healing, she has developed a deep understanding of the human consciousness; incorporating her vast knowledge of psychology, physical health and spiritual principles. Indra biggest delight is to guide you back into truth and live life fully.


Engaged from your Soul. When your internal dialogue matches your soul signature, your intention and purpose can awaken and manifest into reality. 
Embracing the evolutionary impulse within you to become the greatest version of YOU.
Where do we begin?
Within. Don't look outside.


After being labelled as Too sensitive, seeing too much, knowing too much, being too much… making people uncomfortable with truth.. Indra made a choice to live life gracefully, yet unapologetic.
A No nonsense approach, seeing through bullshit, a laser sharp intuition and cutting through illusions of perception. 

Compassionate truth  Too loving, too kind, too compassionate.. … After all, these are unique qualities of powerful leaders, who I am here to support. Because love can never be too much. You're never too much


After I realised my source of having all of my needs met, is life itself. The source of all creation. I embraced all of my weirdness, disconnection and awkwardness. Choosing to be a successful entrepreneur. 

Spiritual Teacher and Energy Healer. 


Using the spiritual principles and energetics to shift you deeply into your soul truth and power . True aligned leadership. Changing the world by empowering truth