How to work with me:

You can book a Free orientation call of 45 minutes 

Choose a date and time here.

This is time to ask questions and to get a feel for what's possible for you.

Energy healing can address any area in your life. 


Please take at least 15 minutes before the call to rest, focus and get clear on what you want out of that meeting with me. Be well hydrated, curious and open.


Make sure you have a stable internet connection, and that you are in a quiet, safe space.


How I approach the call.

I know through the clarity form that you filled in some basic information and areas which you want to transform. However, when we meet live online, I will always ask more questions and already focus on the energetic data that I feel, perceive and read in your energy field, body and mind. This will only happen with your permission. 


I am always guided with each individual person to ask questions that will unlock feelings, emotional reactions or create a context to understand their own life experiences at a deeper level, this alone can create a paradigm shifts.


I follow no script. I am at my best approaching these calls completely open and intuitively, using my skills, knowledge and work experience to guide me.

If you want to continue after the clarity call, this is your next step:

You book your first appointment with me, which is an in-depth 90 minute healing session, I include a complimentary follow-up 45 minute session shortly after, for you to have the most complete transformative experience with me. This is a start up package to give your more exposer to the work and possibilities it can have for you. 

Here you will experience , feel and understand whether you want to go all the way into transformation or not. I offer transformation packages. 

To book a session, this is what you do next: 

1 Pay your personal investment of €249 here:

Pay by PayPal or receive an invoice to pay by bank transfer, before the session.

2. Choose a date and time HERE for your first session, and fill in the Clarity Form

3. I'll send an email with details about your session, including a zoom video link for a video session. For in person sessions place state that on your Clarity Form. 

4. We'll have your healing session and start your Soul Awakening!

Have more questions? Please email me: and we will set a date.

What are the options after that Soul activation first time offer?

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Transformation packages and options

First time clients offer

Welcome package 

Soul Awakening package - Re-birth into Love, reclaim your Health

Soul Alignment program - Birth into your Leadership, Life transformation

Soul Transformation - from excellence into your zone of genius.

Mind Miracle - single session 1 hour

All information and advice given either on this website, or within private sessions with me are intended for guidance only. The information contained in this Web site, and services provided is not aimed at diagnosing, treating or preventing any illness.
You are reminded at all times that ultimate choice and decision belongs to you, this is not intended or recommended as any substitute or replacement for any legal, financial,  medical, psychiatric or other professional assistance, that you may need to take.

Please note that any a healing session with Indra does not override any medical advice.

You are encouraged always to seek professional medical advice if you suffer from any medical illness.

Our sessions do not replace or negate medical opinions given to you by a professional doctor.

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