"Testimonials of clients"

"After 12 online sessions fundamental changes in my life have occurred. 

I am truly impressed on how you reveal the process step by step though witty ideas, bright images, metaphors and intuition. You have a unique sensitivity to capture what is going on with me, even before I know it.

Following you in the theta mode, have been of the most interesting processes I could undertake in my healing and self knowledge. 

You are a great compass master for navigating the uncharted waters of energy work and self-evolution.

Its Joyful, funny and lighthearted, and you manage very well to keep it serious but playful, admist some very excessive energetically heavy tendencies that may result in the process. Amazing "

Cristina Bolis, Architect & Actress

"Science and spirituality are intersecting more & more. Indra makes this connection for me in a loving way. Down-to-earth, straight to the goal, without losing her role as guide for a second."

Pim Betist, serial entrepreneur & international Speaker

Indra is one of the most incredible, deep, authentic, and loving healers I have come across. My husband and I have been taking over 20 sessions with her and will continue to do so! Thank you, Indra, for everything! 

Dr.Hannah Arnold , Entrepreneur, Energy Healer & educator

"Indra is an absolutely amazing healer and mindset coach. She has a very unique gift to connect and feel what is happening in your sub/unconcious mind and how to shift it. Her practical knowledge of how the human mind works adds incredible value to her intuitive skills.. She is warm, loving and very professional. I would recommend everyone to work with Indra on a regular basis to see incredible shifts in life she can help you to create." 

Ania Orlowska. Serial Entrepreneur , Energy healer


"Finally I feel whole, like the small pieces that were missing have been returned. 

My energy has become very calm and very comfortable. The negativity and anxiety are gone. I am able to set boundaries without getting angry and frustrated. Am able to let things go and don't dwell on things. And all this in only 2 weeks. 4 sessions. 

Liteke Grondsma, Serial Entrepreneur

" Indra has taken me through all the puzzle pieces of my past ,  helping to processe them clearly. I consciously experiences a process in letting go of negativity and other obstructive experiences. As if you are filtered with light and love, and regain the ability and confidence in yourself to continue this process yourself. Indra does this in a very loving way, and in a warm and safe environment. She offers the insight and questions needed to safely investigate. She guides and experiences with you, helps you to correctly recognise your own blockages and provides the tools in the moment to transform them. As if you are receiving a software update in your brain, old limiting programs are finally being removed - and you are creating space and order on your hard drive again. ” 

Amarens Nauta, aviation teacher

"My sessions with Indra were always right to the Point. After 10 Skype sessions I have a deeper understanding of myself, which gives me deeper self love and self compassion. My interaction with others have  therefore changed. 

Stressprogramms fade away and are transformed into neutral and positive once.

This healing and transformations of highest and deepest level."  

Monica van der Leem , Therapist and DJ

Through your beautiful, empathic and direct way of guidance , you kept the space  for me to let go of old pain, so my behavioural patterns can stop limiting me. Thank you for the broad attention and recognition in me. Learning from pain, so it can be transformed  into awareness, acceptance, light, love and connection. " 

A. Hirn

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