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The Base

Harmony Self care  Gift ( 12 weeks ) 

The place of Self love and Nurture. 



Harmony Self care  Package

The place of Self love and Nurture. 



​What is this about?

Learn to establish healthy emotional boundaries

Create a sustainable nurturing connection to your body, mind & heart. 

Release limiting beliefs that hold you back in Being You. 

Start Living authentic and inspired. Joyful and strongly grounded into

Self love.

Harmony Self Care includes deep Trauma work. 

As every limiting belief we carry is a symptom of a past trauma being 



We establish Inner Child reconnection. 

Let the voice of your Heart become clear again. 

And help those past memories and experienced mature into love.

Heart Song healing. This is one of the most profound and deep experiences to release , deep grief and pain. Heal your personal and collective pain. Its shifts humanity into a next stage of love and kindness. It’s starts with YOU.


Connect to your Intuition. The Voice of your Soul. Meet your Power and Freedom. 


Feel deeply grounded in your Body. Recognise feelings and emotions. Allow them to be processed. Learn what a feeling is versus emotion and how to regulate them.


Learn to integrate 

Tapping meridian points for self help and inquiry to get clarity. 

How to use the Heart song for deep & profound healing for your entire body.

How to use energy routine to balance your physical, mental and emotional energy systems.  

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Our sessions do not replace or negate medical opinions given to you by a professional doctor.

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