Mind Miracles


&  Divine Power 

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Indra Silar a natural intuitive Healer

Master Energy Healer
Powerful & deeply transformative. 
With 2 Feet on the ground &  the Universe as her limitless playground. 
Want to play?

Spiritual teacher & Healer
Master Theta Healing® Instructor
Medical Intuitive™
Medium  & Channel

I work with highly sensitive people,
&  activate light workers.


Healing = wholeness


This are the Mind Miracles® pillars of Light Leadership. 

Energy, Values, Spiritual principles & action.

My roadmap to  Divine Power, embodied into human life with grace.

  • you are connected to your purpose in life.

  • you are at peace with yourself

  • you have clear and healthy boundaries.

  • your self worth is created within yourself, which means you are not depended on others to feel worthy. 

  • You know your values and you align your actions with your values.

  • You have a healthy self esteem 

  • You have emotional resilience, which allows you to stay lovingly connected to yourself, even if you make mistakes or experience failure. This I call real strength and power.

  • You listen to your feelings as information, without letting them control your every move.

  • You have developed emotional intelligence and live from aspect of complete self belief and trust.

  • You take appropriate actions in your life, that are in alignment with your heart and soul.

  • you keep growing & learning. 

  • You keep loving  


I am specialized in healing emotional Trauma.

Going beyond this lifetime alone.

Past, Present, Future. 

It will effect your Mind, Body, Heart & Soul.

I work with spiritual energy and am a master in going deep to the core of the issues. The energy of emotions is my main focus, next to the metaphysical aspects of healing beyond your body and mind.

The work I facilitate goes hand in hand with an empowered mindset, that will support your behavior and choices in life. Heart, Body & Mind fueled by an unbreakbale Spirit. 


My wish for you is, that you can move forward in your life with great success, being YOU.

That you are able to leave a legacy of love, compassion & forgiveness for the next generations to come.


Let love be their guide, instead of our trauma. 


I wish for the world to be blessed by your bravery, so the next generations to come have an easier path in life, then you had.



Your willingness to do the inner work and take responsibility for yourself, is the work of a Super Hero. Yes you heard me. You are a Super Human/Hero, if you are willing to heal. 

Your choices and actions, if created in awareness and consciousness, are the most empowering gift to yourself and the world.

Your choice to move through your pain and heal what is limiting & tormenting you, is the most courageous choice, you will ever make.

I deeply honor you.  

You deserve Freedom of Choice.

The Choice to Love.

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