"With an untrained mind you can accomplish nothing."

Course in Miracles


​My work can be divided into muscle-testing (Kinesiology), body reading

(energetic scanning),

intuitive reading & healing. Its Cognitive and energetic. 

For Body, Mind, Emotions & Spirit.

Working with the DNA at the quantum energy level, changing core

beliefs and feelings to empowering ones. 


Thetahealing® uses a mediative process to go into a trance like state.

Its comparable to when you just woke up in the morning or

your are daydreaming. I use the state of the Theta brainwave to access my own intuitive 

body and energy reading skills. 

This technique is ancient and has been used for thousands of years.

It has simply been put in a easy mediative technique ,to access quickly those parts of your mind,

were your beliefs are recorded. 

Your beliefs and habits are what makes you You. It characterises how you live, act

represent yourself into the world around you. But also how your think and treat yourself.

What are your beliefs about Man?

About Woman? Sexuality ? Parenthood? Working? Money?

Other people? About yourself?

You could imagine your subconscious mind as a tape recorder. It records all your life events, no matter how insignificant you think some of it might be. it does not change it, modulates it, removes or adds. It simply records. Thousands of details, memories, events.

When we struggle in life and have no idea why? It can be that you carry subconscious recordings in your mind that are creating this struggles. Beliefssystems and programs. 

For example...............

You want an intimate relationship. You really desire that. But it's not happening.

And every time you meet someone you start sabotaging yourself.  Or it becomes an abusive relationship. 

So what are your subconscious beliefs about man/woman? Can they be trusted? Is it safe? 

What did your mind record, when your mother and father interacted with each other?

How was there relationship?

How did they talk to each other?

What is most important, how was the  energy you felt, when you saw your parents interact.

How did that feel? Loving? Respectful? safe? Kind? Passionate? Intimate? Joyful? Did it feel good? 

We record everything we experience, by linking emotions into them. This is how we reminder things best. 

It's goes automatic from the day we are born. The first 7 years we are natural in the state of Theta and record everything around us, with no filters. 

Thousands and thousands of beliefs, ideas, perceptions of life, ourself etc. And as they get recorded we start to respond after 7 years of age from this programs. Like an autopilot. 

You might be complete unaware of what you really belief about woman/man. 

The only thing you know. You want a relationship, but its not happening! 

The first 7 years of our lives we record all behaviours, emotions, feelings, verbal and nonverbal energy from our surrounding.

No filters. We get downloaded like a computer with software , that we need in order to start fucntioning as a social human being.



We were taught to believe we are unworthy.

And now we need to come back to us and who we really are by changing our beliefs and habits. 

Did you  know that you use only 5% of your conscious mind during the day?

Here you carry your wishes and desires.

This is when you are in the present moment. Not distracted by the past or future. 


Your conditioning, life memories and beliefs are programmed  in the 95% of your subconscious mind.

Most people are unaware of whats going on in there subconscious. 

They might just see that life isn't working for them.

If beliefs in your subconscious are dysfunctional and blocking your conscious mind, 

You struggle in areas of your life with no clear idea why. 

It may cause self sabotaging behaviour that you simply don't understand. 

With Love& Gratitude Indra

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