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"The best way to predict your Future is to create it." Abraham Lincoln

My approach for your results.

I tap into the energetic data of your subconscious mind and body's energy. I will get an awareness of what's missing or wired incorrectly, that makes you feel stuck and therefore unable to move beyond those limitations.


If you want to accelerate and make the biggest impact you can, you need to grow beyond all of your inner limitations. It is process, so you can keep expanding and evolving to create sustainability of love, strength and clarity within yourself.


What do I mean by the greatest impact you can.

That you will be free of limiting subconscious belief systems and conditioning, that block you from conscious creation of your life. Whatever you wish and choose to do.  

Going into a sessions with me, I can have completely normal conversations with you, while I simultaneously read energy and feel things. I am tapping into a trance like state by focusing on the theta brainwave in my mind, to open up to higher consciousness.

Sometimes I close my eyes. Usually not for long. I use my consciousness as a vehicle to move between the different dimensions of energy and frequency. 

At times I will guide you into a meditative state yourself. This is the time your eyes will be closed.


You will start to visualize images naturaly and feel things, remember memories or sensations in your body.

Like this, we reveal the deeper layers of what you need to become conscious of in order to shift it. These layers can be potentially the key elements of the changes, that we need to focus upon.

It's all vital information and has nothing to do with your conscious mind. This concious mind rationalises, labels and ignores those aspects and will be willing to engage with images, sensations, emotions, energy or thoughts, that make no sense at first.

Over time it will get easier for you, until you will be able to do it yourself at any moment. 


The day will come, were you know yourself from the inside out.

And you have returned yourself to yourself. 

You will move from victim consciousness into empowered leadership

How do I help in your process?

I can sense past, present and future energy patterns. Feel the impact of your life experiences on you and your body. I simply know what impulses I need to follow, to unlock that specific pattern inside of you that needs to sift.

But seeing and feeling things is not enough. Healing and repair needs to occur. It means you release old emotions, process them, by feeling them. 

You are not re-living situations with me. You simply feel and observe, with no judgement. You will naturally receive insights and understanding, which often creates a higher perspective on your life experiences.

This alone can allow you, to move on and let go of energy patterns, emotions or beliefs. 

At times even forgiveness happens naturally in those processes. 

We will focus on removing limiting belief systems and energy blocks, to make space to  create healthy and supportive energy pathways for positive thoughts, feelings and energy. 

I help you to understand the context, if needed.

Our mind always needs some context. But the most important factor in our work together, is if you can feel the changes inside of yourself, while your energy starts shifting. I work through spiritual energy of Source and will facilitate those specific personal energy healings and mindset changes.


We remove limiting beliefs and support what is positive. Limiting beliefs about yourself can make or break you. Now being an adult, you can actually choose, what you want to believe in. So choose wisely and with an open heart. 

We were born as feeling beings and were made into thinkers. We need the power of feelings to experience and the power of thought to focus on the experience. The feminine and masculine aspect of energy in harmony.

Coming into an alignment with your Soul. Its means you are on track. You will move through life with grace and know, no matter what. You got your own back. Because your Soul light is powerful beyond measures of the human mind. Allowing that energy to come forth through your personality is the magic of infusing a human being with their own real essence.

Everything else are just roles you play in the Game of Life.

You will feel clearly what choices are right for you. You will no longer choose invisibility as a form of safety.  

You will bold heartedly move into those actions needed to stay alligned. You will break free from beliefs, ideas and energy that no longer serves you. You will have the strength to move beyond your limitations. Willpower alone can't do that. You need the power of your soul to move beyond the comfort zones of your mind.

Will power alone just serves with 5% to make those changes successful. Your energy needs to be completely aligned to move into the abundance of life. Success is a mindset and it creates energy. Whether you built a business or take care of your family. The way you think about yourself will determine you success. Thoughts create feelings. And those feelings determine what experiences you draw into your life. 

Your body was created in 9 month inside your mothers womb, so you can imagine that some targets and goals you want to achieve, have their out time currency. 

Ready to start?


Image by Wolfgang Hasselmann
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