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Learning how to love or Be careful when a naked person offers you a shirt.

Love is a word in everyones mouth.

We talk about it. We desire it. We feel the lack of it. We fear it. We reject it. We look for it. We want it. We pray for it. We run after it. We project our needs into it.

But what is Love really for you?

Is it connection?

Is is peace?

Is it exceptence?

Is is Hurt? Is it unconditional?

Is is Romance?

Is it Epic?

Is is abuse?

Is it tangible in your life?

Do you see it?

Feel it? experience it?

What is love in your life?

Love is the most shared common feeling and energy in the World. Even though when we see the news, we get a different idea.

It creates miracles every day on this planet.

And yet there is nothing more confusing than love. We are born loving and open. Deserving. So what happens along the way?

Most common symptom in Energy healing I experience is the absence of love in people.

It happens, when we except the dark and dense layers of consciousness as our reality, such as fear. It creates resentment, anger and so much more.

Rescieving love is a gift. Giving love is a miracle. Love is a natural state of existence.

Yet how come, it is so hard for people to receive it fully and live by it in day to day life?

It is easy to say. I love you. But what does that actually really mean?

Just this morning, past experiences of my life have entered again. First I felt fear.

But his time it was so gentle, like a whisper with kindness. That I let go of my fear easy.

I listend to the response of my heart. It felt old pain. Neglect. Loneliness.

Old shadows of my past.

I realised that love only really starts to become my truth,

when I love myself fully with all aspects of who I am.

WhenI allow my soul to express its love for life fully.

My personality. My psychological structure. My state of thinking and feeling. All of it. Full exceptence and love.

Exceptence and full appreciation of myself from were I am now.

.No judgement. But a firm atonement of my thoughts and actions.

Am African american saying goes like this

"Be careful when a naked person offers you a shirt. "

When you want to give love, but have none for yourself. That is not love.

It's an illusion. It's not unconditional. Its conditional.

" Behave like this and I will love you. Do this, and I will love you. Fill my emtiness and I will love......." This kind of love knows no boundaries. Respect. Integrity. As it is built on conclusions about ourselves and the other, that do not Come from love.

As you are refusing yourself the very source of what you are.

Learning to love ourselves again, is the longest journey of life a human can take.

It's been said. The Longest journey you take is the journey to your heart.

Many years ago I wanted to be loved. I was so much longing for it. Yet I felt no love for myself. I thought I did. I went to Spa's . Did spiritual things. Had friends. Connected in love with others. But deep down I was empty, feeling disconnected. Lonely . I felt unloved by life.

And than my life lesson came full force. I invited a person into my life that was like me. In desire of wanting to be loved, but no self love present either.

So 2 people with lack of self love. Resulted in a very unhealthy disaster.

Fortunate we both have chosen to grow and learn out of it.

So just today a circle came round after all those years.

Closing chapters and knowing lesson learned. More to come. Thank you.

I can still feel the echos of the past. Can still resonate with it and yet move into new chapter of life.

Self excepetence and care are the most fundamental aspects on the road to love.

If you cannot be fully be present in loving yourself. You can't love another unconditionally.

You can try. Most people do. But it never leads to that happy ending you desire. It can't . Because its built on illusions. On past pain and conditioning, have taught that love is something external. Why Evolution......

As children we need the validation of our parents and family.

We need that, to grow up with a healthy selfesteam for example.

If we don't get that, a child can get to conclusions like for example....

I have to be good to be loved. I have to please. Otherwise I am not loved.

Children very often generalise. And as you grow up you keep those old ideas.

If you believe, you have to be good. There might be another conclusion inside of you. Like I am not ok as I am. And that often leads to resenting yourself. Judging and criticising yourself.

Self love does not except those beliefs. Its contradictory to your soul to resent yourself.

And the souls desire is to embody love, as the soul is love. So a soul will always present you with life lessons, to learn just that. Love yourself.

When we resent our lesson. It can get very painful and it can prolong the experience more then it needs too.

That was my case. I stayed life circumstances for such a long time. It almost killed every bit of light inside of me.

So to make it easier...

Imagine your Life as a House.

A house needs a solid foundation. Right?

That is Self worth & Self love. Joy. Appreciation for life.

On this fundament you can choose to built any house you like.

But if you want to built a house on a foundation with no solid structure.

It will work temporarily. But influences from the outside, such as earthquakes , heavy rain fall and the heaviness of the next floors of your house can not be sustained, if your foundation is neglected and weakened by negative forces. Like unworthiness.

Anything in your present life, all circumstance are a reflection of how much love you can allow for yourself.

The good news. You can start anytime to take care of your foundation.

It's never too late. Always the right time. Anything is possible.

It took me many detours and try outs to get were I am today. If somebody would have told me years ago I need to start working on my foundation , I would not have understood.

I will offer a video's and clearing online to clear out the limitations that block your foundation.

If you are interested , let me know. I appreciate it. As I want to create what serves most.


Until than with so much love and gratitude


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