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Your Soul is powerful beyond human measures and can transform energy beyond your human mind’s imagination. 

Your Heart can generate endless amounts of vital energy.

Heart energy can regenerate your body, heals and evolves your energy in every aspect of your life. 


The Heart-Mind Coherence is the ultimate supernatural power as a human being. It allows you to make extraordinary changes in life and create new possibilities.


The Heart, Mind, Body and Soul alignment: A path to ultimate joy.


Learn tools of self mastery to focus on your path forward

with mindset techniques, energy healing and loving support.

So you can shine your brilliance onto the world, without fear or unconscious behaviour and belief patterns keeping you small. 

3 month 

Soul alignment Basic

We focus on the root of your unfullfilment and transform,

shift and heal the causes. 

9 x 75 minutes Transformational energy sessions 

3 weeks on the row, with one week break in between.

extra foundational support & prerecorded:

1. implementing daily energy energy routine 

2. practise and learn tools to support yourself emotionally

3. visualisation meditations to focus your new mindset

7 Month 

Soul Alignment - Luminous

With this 7 months of devoted magic, we create the opportunity to implement lasting Transformation that you can sustain.

To create an aligned body, mind and heart, which affords you a life that is truly your own. In Peace with yourself, grounded, trustful and with the feeling of your natural ability to Self Love.


16 x 75 minutes Transformational energy sessions 

all sessions are recorded on zoom


  1 x 75 minutes Soul alignment Mentor session to laser focus your intentions on your unique life path.

  1 x 75 minutes 

Powerful Manifesting and Coaching Session so that you can get clarity, create your destiny and bright future!


  • to Unlock your limited belief systems that keep you playing small & unfulfilled 

  • Live a masterful and aligned life.

  • Letting go of the "IMPOSTER SYNDROME"  

  • healing trauma that blocks your peace & fulfilment 



Exclusively catered personal support 

1. Daily energy routines and implementation advice

2. Receive customized guidance and tools to support yourself emotionally

3. Receive customized visualization meditations to focus your new mindset

4. house energy clearing

5. Direct access every week. 15 minute phone call 

6. Become masterful in using the Theta brainwave to expand your consciousness  allowing self healing, manifestations and abundance to come with ease.


Live how you want to live and become the full expression of the magnificinece you truly are. 

Without all the inner struggles 

of confusion, disappointment or ultimately frustration.

Free yourself from your past.

Welcome the all that is in your present moment & create your soul's path allignment.


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