Working with me is ideal for you if:


  • You feel frustrated and stuck, that nothing is improving or changing in your life.

  • You struggle with habits and behaviour you can't change by willpower alone. 

  • You suffer from low self esteem, loneliness, self-worth issues, heartbreak or long term illness and you desire to live more fully, be more alive and experience joy

  • You desire to connect to your feelings and really get to know yourself deeply, but you have no clue how to start. 

  • You want to develop your intuition 

  • You want to connect to the deepest form of love. Self love. 

  • You want to remember the gifts and talents of your soul and bring them into reality.

  • You are ready to create the next level of reality and embody it. 

  • You are ready to live your purpose and align with it, so that your energy matches your actions.

  • You are in alignment already and in the flow of life, but want to accelerate to your next level

  • You want a mindset shift  on the deepest level,  to live your fullest potential. 

  • You want to make that big leap, but you just can't make that jump.

  • You simply resonate with me, feel a click and know you want to work with me.

  • You love self development and energy healing and want to learn more about yourself and this craft by experiencing it.

  • You desire a deeper spiritual connection and want to walk the path of enlightenment


Soul Awakening Package

4 months

In depth healing & transformation.

Reprogramming of your mindset and emotional healing work

weekly 90 minute channelled energy healing sessions online or in person

(13 sessions total)

Each week we work on beliefs and limitations connected to: 

self love, feeling worthy, self value, trust, self esteem. Feeling safe, Power.

Your relationship with ancestral trauma, famine, abuse, abandonment and rejection.


Letting go of DNA programming, that is limiting you.

Clearing up those topics will help you let go of self-sabotaging patterns

in your life

We remove limiting belief systems and transform them into empowering ones.

Your personal investment is  3.000,-

Payment plan available 

Pay upfront and safe10% 

Please note: in some case it takes longer than 4 month and 13 sessions to work through those issues. Depending on the severity and situation you experience


We can create enormous progress and miracle shifts in 4 month, midst you're willing to take personal responsibility. 

Soul Alignment Package

8 months

Authentic power & Uplevel your life

weekly 90 minute channelled energy healing sessions online or in person 

3 weeks session in a row and one week break each month.

Each month we focus on one topic in your life, such as:

  • Spiritual development

  • Life Purpose & Goals

  • Authenticity

  • Soul intitiations

  • Home Enviroment

  • Harmony in Loving relationships

  • Career

  • Money

This program is tailored to your specified situation and needs.

extra :

  • weekly personal recorded energy activations

  • bi weekly personalised development tools to deepen your own process

  • channeled recording of 7 questions you deeply desire Divine answers too.

Your personal investment 999,- per month

Pay upfront and safe 10%


Soul Transformation Mentorship

1 year of complete Life transformation


Above the Clouds

In depth Healing 

Mind Miracle single session

60 minutes 


Above the Clouds

In depth Healing

Mind Miracle single session

90 minutes 


10% of the payment of each single session goes into Soul light support.  
I use this money to gift scholarships and free service to support people in need of healing.
Once a year I give a full scholarship for free and support individuals with free sessions. 
Thank you for booking a single session and gifting love to another Soul. 
May love come back to you in tenfold. 
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You are reminded at all times that ultimate choice and decision belongs to you, this is not intended or recommended as any substitute or replacement for any legal, financial,  medical, psychiatric or other professional assistance, that you may need to take.

Please note that any a healing session with Indra does not override any medical advice.

You are encouraged always to seek professional medical advice if you suffer from any medical illness.

Our sessions do not replace or negate medical opinions given to you by a professional doctor.

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