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Miracles over Medicine™

"Every pain in the body was first a pain in consciousness."





















Medical Intuition & Prevention work: 

The focus is on supporting physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

However this work is excellent as well as a prevention method to sustain health or support you in high demanding professions, such as athletes, high performing professionals, entrepreneurs, performers and parents. 

True healing involves addressing the many different factors that play a role in chronic illness. These factors are: your emotional state, your energetic state, your thoughts and habits, your social circumstances, as well as your nutritional needs, your physical, mental or emotional toxic burdens in life. 

1. What is your intuition telling you about your health right now? 

2. Are you sensing the influences within you that create your physical and spiritual well-being? 

What is my role during the process and what I pay attention, if relevant for your situation:

Your personal history is encoded into you chakras, energy field and physical body.

Your emotions, thoughts and memories create your body. 

· how does your tribal background affect your body? 

· your upbringing, family patterns, inherited trauma 

· how do your physical choices day-to-day affect your body? 

· how do your personal and emotional choices affect your body? 

Deep metaphysical energy work may come up: 

What archetypal (Carl Jung) , spiritual or psychological patterns are playing out in your Body and life. 

· how situations and people around you are affecting your body 

· how all of your body systems are functioning, what is your body really struggling with? 

· how your body systems are working, including biochemistry and electromagnetic energy.

· where toxic memories are residing within the cellular structures of your body and how they affect you?

· what toxic overload you might be exposed to from the environment?

· how your body is detoxifying itself and where it struggles to do so?

· if and where toxic overload is present, such as chemicals, parasites or heavy metals.

· If and what kind of genetic components are playing a role in your conditions, ancestral toxins or  trauma?

· how all of your organs, glands & body's systems are doing. Are they happy? Struggling? 

· if any specific metaphysical, spiritual causes are related?

· what and how your lifestyle affects your health and body?

· a medical diagnosis that keeps your mind crippled ?

· a prognosis that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy ?

A Medical Intuitive reading is not a substitute for medical care, I work well alongside medical treatments. No diagnosis or prescription will be given. 

Results will vary depending on (but not limited to) your background, experience, commitment, state of health and the selfcare you are committed to. 


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