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Exclusive Services

As a certified medical intuitive and Master ThetaHealing teacher & practitioner, with over 12 years of experience in family care and 20 years in self-development and healing, I specialize in guiding individuals who feel stuck, overwhelmed, and anxious towards profound transformation I help uncover the root causes of their suffering, empowering them to adopt beliefs that support their well-being and confidently change their behaviors. My aim is to facilitate lasting change so that they can experience freedom, contentment, and ease in their lives—for good.


..."This is mastery. Amazing.

Fundamental changes in my life have occurred. 

You are a great compass master for navigating the uncharted waters of energy work and self-evolution."...

..."For those seeking excellence and ready to embark on a transformative journey, Indra’s presence is an immense blessing, exemplifying true mastery in the art of spiritual guidance.".....

"...Discovering Indra was a beacon of light during an exceptionally challenging period of my life. Her radiant energy and exceptional intuitive abilities, combined with her strong intuition, create a transformative experience unlike any other "....

..."Science and spirituality are intersecting more & more. Indra makes this connection for me in a loving way. Down-to-earth, straight to the goal, without losing her role as guide for a second.”....

...."Indra is one of the most incredible, deep, authentic, and loving healers I have come across. Thank you, Indra, for everything!" ....

....".An exceptionally skilled spiritual energy healer with somatic embodiment abilities, and a deep, profound understanding of psychology and human consciousness, I have encountered many practitioners. Yet, what truly sets Indra apart is her profound love, care, and kindness.

These qualities permeate every session, making her guidance not just insightful but laser-focused and incredibly precise" ......




...."With Indra, you feel a magical sense of safety and recognition, essential for navigating the deepest upheavals of the soul.".....

......"Every session with her is a sacred journey toward self-discovery, understanding, and healing. It’s an experience wrapped in the comfort of being deeply seen and understood, allowing for the deepest, most profound inner work".... 

Mind Miracles Sessions consultations. 

Are you feeling trapped in old patterns or overwhelmed by persistent challenges? Do you yearn for a life filled with freedom, contentment, and ease?

Welcome to Divine Transformations, where you'll embark on a journey of profound self-discovery and empowerment.



Discover Your Power to Transform:

At Mind Miracles, we believe that true change begins within. When you recognize that your beliefs, strategies, and patterns are yours to change, you take a powerful step forward in creating the life you desire. Our sessions are designed to help you release old, outdated beliefs hidden in your subconscious, creating space for new, positive, and transformative beliefs to flourish.

Your Journey Towards Liberation:

You already possess the answers you seek within yourself. Our role is to serve as your compassionate guide, assisting you in uncovering the root causes of your challenges and empowering you to navigate towards your desired destination with grace and understanding. Together, we'll cultivate self-compassion and embrace the journey from where you are to where you want to be.

Experience Lasting Transformation:

You deserve to experience freedom, contentment, and ease as you evolve into a new version of yourself. Whether you're feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or anxious, Mind Miracles sessions are here to support you. Through a combination of intuitive guidance, healing, and empowerment techniques, we'll help you identify the root causes of your suffering, adopt empowering beliefs, and confidently change your behavior—for good.

Ready to Begin Your Transformation?

Take the first step towards a brighter, more fulfilling future by scheduling a session with us today. Together, let's unlock the doors to freedom, contentment, and ease, and embrace the fullness of life with open arms.

Session Pricing: 60 minutes

  • Single Session: €222

  • Package Deal: 5 sessions

  • (10% discount): €999 

I offer this sessions at 30 % reduced price for people with a fixed income or who are currently unemployed.


Medical Intuitive Session


A disease, from my medical intuitive perspective, is a symptom. To support healing, you must address and heal the root cause of that symptom. Often, this root cause is deeply suppressed unconscious emotional pain, which manifests as beliefs, emotions, and behaviors leading to the symptom—disease.

These sessions are trauma-informed and offer metaphysical energy-healing transformations.

If you are ready to heal from within and transform your life, I invite you to experience the deepest work I facilitate.



Accredited by the IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists), recognizing the Medical Intuitive Energy Modality as an official and recognized complementary practice.

Potential Benefits:

  • Support for Health and Well-being: May aid in the recovery process and promote general health.

  • Mental Health Improvement: Can help enhance mental clarity and emotional balance.

  • Performance Enhancement: Beneficial for individuals in high-achievement settings such as professional athletes, musicians, artists, corporate environments, medical professionals, and parents under pressure.

The Power of Medical Intuition

Unlock the transformative potential of medical intuition and experience profound support for your overall well-being. As a certified medical intuitive, I offer a unique blend of intuitive insight and energetic healing to address the root causes of physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges.

At the heart of medical intuition lies a profound understanding of the intricate energetic system that governs the human body. This approach acknowledges the influence of our emotional and mental states on our physical well-being. By tapping into these energies, medical intuitives aim to identify underlying health issues, often rooted in emotional and psychological factors, providing valuable insights for your healing journey.

Pioneering the Future of Complementary Healthcare

While traditional medicine continues to explore the concept of medical intuition, its potential signals a promising shift in healthcare practices. As technology advances and scientific exploration delves deeper into intuitive healing, we envision a future where conventional medicine integrates with holistic modalities.

A Paradigm Shift Towards Holistic Healing

Through the lens of complementary approaches, we recognize the influence of our emotional and mental states on our overall well-being.

Embracing a New Era of Healing

As we envision the future of healthcare, we see a landscape where intuitive healing complements conventional medicine. This integration promises a more personalized and comprehensive approach to wellness, empowering individuals to take an active role in their health and embark on a journey of holistic healing and transformation.

In a world where quick fixes are often sought, I invite you to a deeper, more meaningful path of healing. My practice is dedicated to addressing the emotional and vibrational causes underlying physical manifestations of dis-ease. This requires courage, focus, and a willingness to understand the impact of lifestyle choices on your body. I have walked this path myself. That is why I am dedicated to offer this service

What’s Included in Your Session:

  • A Custom-Made Hypnotic Recording: Experience lasting changes with a hypnotic recording created just for you, designed to reinforce the positive shifts initiated during our session. This personalized tool is crafted based on the specific transformations we achieve together, ensuring it resonates deeply with your healing journey. Commit to listening to it for a minimum of 69 days to embed these changes deeply within your subconscious, aiding in continuous growth.

Single Session (90 minutes): €399
5 Sessions (15% discount): €1697.25

I offer this sessions at 50 % reduced price for people with a fixed income or currently unemployed.

By booking a session, you acknowledge that you understand these services are complementary and not a substitute for professional medical treatment. Always consult with your healthcare provider for any medical concerns.



Mediumship Session

I have been a Medium since birth. Its comes easy and natural to me and is a deeply joyful experience.

Whether you're seeking closure, longing for reassurance, or curious about the spiritual dimensions that intertwine with our daily lives, this mediumship session offers a direct, compassionate, and insightful connection to the unseen world.

 Mediumship Sessions are for Individuals Who:

- Seek to connect with loved ones who have passed on.

- Desire guidance and insight from the spiritual world.


What You Will Experience:

-Healing Messages: 

Receive messages of love, guidance, and reassurance from departed loved ones, bringing peace and closure to your heart and mind.


- Insight and Clarity:

Gain insights into your life's path, understanding the deeper spiritual lessons and blessings intertwined in your journey.


Investment: 222 EURO


Terms, Conditions & Agreements 

to work with me. 

  1. You are courteous and aged 18 or over. Anyone under 18 must have an adult present at all times.

  2. All services are subject to availability, offered for purposes of guidance and assistance, and given at our discretion and convenience.

  3. Mind Miracles - Indra Silar is not to be held responsible or liable for the misuse of any services offered herein, and reserves the right to refuse or end services at any time.

  4. You are solely responsible for your own self, life-path and the fulfilment of your life’s purpose.

  5. The accuracy or effectiveness of any services cannot be guaranteed.

  6. You have the ability to alter your own reality and future.

  7. Services and products are not intended or recommended as substitutes for any legal, medical, psychiatric or other types of professional assistance.

  8. Full session charge is applied for all sessions cancelled within 48 hours of the appointment time.

  9. Session fees are non-refundable after you have attended the appointment.

  10. If you should phone late or arrive late, the time may be deducted from your appointment as there is a schedule and other people to consider, and refunds cannot be made.

  11. Session packages are non-refundable once booked.

  12. Mind Miracles - Indra Silar is unable to answer questions that relate to your life outside of a consultation. This does not include general business queries.

  13. You are encouraged always to seek professional medical advice if you suffer from any medical illness. Our sessions and trainings do not replace or negate medical opinions given to you by a professional doctor.

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