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Exclusive Services

Welcome to a realm of metaphysical

transformational healing, i offer a unique pathway to rediscover your inner strength, peace, and clarity. Each session is tailored to meet you exactly where you are on your journey, guiding you towards the life you’ve always desired. Single Sessions or regular process oriented work is possible. Depending on what you need and want. 

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Metaphysical healing

If you want to donate, to support people getting sessions, who don't  have the financial means. Please donate.

You choose the amount.

Thank you 

For  Students :

If you have been a student with us, we recognize your dedication and commitment to your personal development. As a token of our appreciation, we invite you to explore our booking page for special reduced pricing options tailored just for you.


For Retirees and Individuals on Welfare:

I believe that financial constraints should not be a barrier to accessing the transformative power of our teachings. If you are retired or on welfare, please reach out to us so we can offer you a suitable price that respects your current circumstances.


What I Ask in Return:

Our only request is for your full commitment. Come prepared to engage with your whole heart and soul. 

I always know when to say yes or no to client.  Because my time and your time is precies .

Let"s not waste it. But use it to heal, grow, expand.


Please note, our time together is precious, and my schedule is often very full, as I devote most of my time to teaching. There may be occasions when you’ll need to wait longer for an appointment, I am more than happy to refer you to one of my esteemed colleagues.


Join Our Community:

In the meantime, I warmly invite you to join our private Facebook group, **Inner Sense to Freedom**. Here, I share teachings and meditations at no cost. It’s a space for you to connect with a supportive community, deepen your practice, and continue your journey of growth and self-discovery.



Intuitive Healing Session


In a world that often demands relentless energy and offers little space for authentic reflection, finding a path to true healing can seem like navigating a labyrinth without a map. But what if you could access a guide that not only knows the intricacies of your inner maze but also holds the light to illuminate your way? Welcome to our Intuitive Healing Session, a sacred journey tailored to unveil the truths of your soul and guide you towards profound transformation.


What to Expect in Your 1-Hour Online Healing Video Session:


Embark on a voyage within, through a meticulously crafted healing experience designed to address the core of your questions or challenges. This session isn’t just about surface-level relief; it's about diving deep to uncover and transform the root causes of your discomforts. Here’s a glimpse of what our journey may include:


- Emotional Release / Belief Work Transformation:


Break free from the chains of limiting beliefs and release pent-up emotions that have been holding you back.

-Forgiveness and Self-Forgiveness / Shame Release / Empowerment:

Learn the art of true forgiveness, shedding layers of shame, and stepping into your empowered self with grace.

Inner Child Healing / Re-parenting / Psychic Surgery:

Tenderly heal and nurture your inner child, correcting past pains with love and offering yourself the parenting you needed.

-Nervous System Regulation / Ancestral Healing / Multidimensional Healing:

Achieve a state of calm and balance within your nervous system, heal ancestral wounds, and explore the healing potential across dimensions of your being.


Investment in Your Journey: 222 EURO


This session is more than a service; it’s an investment in your deepest well-being, a commitment to your ongoing evolution, and a step towards the empowered, vibrant life you deserve. Imagine freeing yourself from the burdens of the past, connecting with your inner wisdom, and moving forward with clarity and strength. That’s the transformative power of our Intuitive Healing Session.


Resonate with Your Essence:


This session is for those ready to listen deeply, love bravely, and heal profoundly. It’s for anyone seeking to turn their challenges into stepping stones, their pain into power, and their questions into quests for truth.

Elevate Your Healing: Exclusive Package Offer


For those who feel called to dive deeper into their transformative journey, we are thrilled to present our exclusive package offer. This specially curated experience is designed for individuals committed to profound self-exploration and sustained healing. Embrace an extended journey with us, where each session builds on the last, unfolding layers of healing and insight that propel you towards true liberation and joy.


Three 1-Hour Online Healing Video Sessions


Embark on a tailored healing expedition over three sessions, each designed to deeply explore and address the evolving aspects of your inner landscape. This package accelerates your journey of self-discovery, emotional release, and spiritual renewal. Experience the transformative power.


Exclusive Package Investment:

600 EURO for 3 sessions

888 EURO for 5 sessions


This package is an invitation to those who feel a deep call to heal, transform, and emerge anew. It’s for the brave souls ready to embark on a profound journey, seeking not just moments of insight but lasting change.




Unlock Deepest Healing with a Medical Intuitive Session


Dive into the transformative world of healing with a unique, hybrid modality that combines the metaphysical elements of energy healing with the profound impact of hypnotherapy. As a certified energy healer, I offer these medical intuitive sessions because I absolutely love them.

The are profoundly powerful to transform health. 


In a world where quick fixes are often sought after, I invite you to a deeper, more meaningful path of healing. My practice is dedicated to addressing not only the symptoms, but the emotional and vibrational causes underlying physical manifestations of dis-ease. By reaching deep into the subconscious mind, we aim to uncover and heal the root of the issue.


**Personalized Healing Approach:**

Understanding that each individual is unique, and so is their journey to health, my intention is always to facilitate a healing space that reaches the deepest core of energy patterns affecting your well-being. Depending on where you and your body are in your stage of health, a minimum of five sessions may be required for long-term patterns to shift back into harmony.


**Healing is a Journey, Not a Destination:**

The time it takes for this transformation depends on various factors, including:

- Your overall health status.

- The duration and persistence of the disease or challenge.

- Whether the condition is a short-term occurrence or a long-standing issue.


As every individual's journey is distinct, I cannot predict beforehand the exact amount of time it will take. However, my commitment is to walk with you every step of the way, providing support, guidance, and the tools necessary for your journey back to harmony and health.


**Your Path to Healing Starts Here:**

If you're ready to explore a holistic and profound approach to healing, I invite you to begin this journey with me. Together, we will work towards uncovering the vibrational and emotional blocks that may be hindering your path to wellness, aiming for a transformation that resonates deeply within your being.


**Let's Connect:**

To start your healing journey or to learn more about how we can work together towards your health and harmony, please reach out. Your journey to deeper healing and understanding begins with a single step. Let that step be towards a space where healing is guided by compassion, understanding, and the pursuit of true well-being.

What’s Included in Your Session:


• A Custom-Made Hypnotic Recording: Experience lasting changes with a hypnotic recording created just for you, designed to reinforce the positive shifts initiated during our session. This personalized tool is crafted based on the specific transformations we achieve together, ensuring it resonates deeply with your healing journey. Commit to listening to it for a minimum of 69 days to embed these changes deeply within your subconscious, aiding in continuous growth.


Investment: 399 EURO


This session is an invaluable investment in your health, offering support alongside medical treatments or recovery processes, and addressing the emotional underpinnings of disease from a metaphysical and vibrational perspective.


Ideal For:


• Mental health improvement

• Disease prevention & recovery of Health

• Enhancing performance in high-stakes environments like sports, stage performances, and high-achievement settings


Special Offer: 5 Sessions with a 10% Discount for people who need a rapid enhancement of there performance


For those committed to profound and lasting transformation, a package of 10 sessions is available with a 15% discount, allowing for an extended journey of healing and self-discovery.


Whether you’re navigating health challenges, looking to prevent future issues, or seeking to enhance your performance and well-being, this Medical Intuitive Session offers a path to deeper understanding and healing.


Book Your Session Today


Embrace the opportunity to transform your health and well-being on a deep, vibrational level. Contact me to schedule your session and start your journey towards holistic healing and optimal performance.

Mediumship Session

Discover the profound connections that exist beyond the physical world. If you've ever felt drawn to explore the messages and guidance waiting for you from the other side, this unique mediumship offer is your gateway. Join me on a journey where we bridge the worlds, bringing clarity, healing, and understanding from the spiritual realm to your life.


This Special Mediumship Session Is Designed For Individuals Who:

- Seek to connect with loved ones who have passed on.

- Desire guidance and insight from the spiritual world.

- Wish to explore the mysteries of existence beyond our physical realm


What You Will Experience:

-Healing Messages: 

Receive messages of love, guidance, and reassurance from departed loved ones, bringing peace and closure to your heart and mind.


- Insight and Clarity:

Gain insights into your life's path, understanding the deeper spiritual lessons and blessings intertwined in your journey.


- Session Length: 1 Hour of dedicated mediumship connection.

- Investment: Special rate of 180 EURO for a limited time.


Why Choose This Mediumship Session?

Whether you're seeking closure, longing for reassurance, or curious about the spiritual dimensions that intertwine with our daily lives, this mediumship session offers a direct, compassionate, and insightful connection to the unseen world. It's an opportunity to heal, to grow, and to embrace the love and wisdom that transcends physical existence.

Terms, Conditions & Agreements 

to work with me. 

  1. You are courteous and aged 18 or over. Anyone under 18 must have an adult present at all times.

  2. All services are subject to availability, offered for purposes of guidance and assistance, and given at our discretion and convenience.

  3. Mind Miracles - Indra Silar is not to be held responsible or liable for the misuse of any services offered herein, and reserves the right to refuse or end services at any time.

  4. You are solely responsible for your own self, life-path and the fulfilment of your life’s purpose.

  5. The accuracy or effectiveness of any services cannot be guaranteed.

  6. You have the ability to alter your own reality and future.

  7. Services and products are not intended or recommended as substitutes for any legal, medical, psychiatric or other types of professional assistance.

  8. Full session charge is applied for all sessions cancelled within 48 hours of the appointment time.

  9. Session fees are non-refundable after you have attended the appointment.

  10. If you should phone late or arrive late, the time may be deducted from your appointment as there is a schedule and other people to consider, and refunds cannot be made.

  11. Session packages are non-refundable once booked.

  12. Mind Miracles - Indra Silar is unable to answer questions that relate to your life outside of a consultation. This does not include general business queries.

  13. You are encouraged always to seek professional medical advice if you suffer from any medical illness. Our sessions and trainings do not replace or negate medical opinions given to you by a professional doctor.

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